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Model TAS-1850

Stow-Away - What is it?
This innovative addition to Bruno's TAS line of products was designed specifically for pickup trucks and higher SUVs. Mounted under the vehicle in a sealed and protected container, the Stow-Away is a power transfer seat that stops at the perfect height for transferring. Once on, the seat raises you to the optimal height for getting into the vehicle.

Highlights: * Makes entering and exiting your pickup truck or higher SUV easy * User weight capacity of 300 lb/136 kg * Discretely "hides" underneath vehicle * Preserves factory seat and all of its functions (recline, fore/aft, heat/cool, etc.) * The vehicle interior is not affected one bit! Keeps all your seats and space! * Single switch, one-button operation * Safe - does not affect Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards * No structural modifications to your vehicle - will not affect resale * Can reinstall on your next vehicle * Can be stopped at any point for ideal transfer height * Fully powered by vehicle battery * Driver side and select passenger side front seat applications available * Vehicle-specific mounting kits provide a safe and precise installation.

Active Mobility Innovations
1275 Bayshore Blvd
Dunedin, FL Contact Us Toll Free @ 800-828-4855
or Fax us @ 727-738-4855

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